Become a partner with Redding College to improve your students' educational experience and expand their learning opportunities.

Redding College courses are all delivered online with courses and degree programs approved and licensed by the Florida State Department of Education's Commission on Independent Edcuation. Other educational institutions are invited to partner with Redding College to offer individual online courses or complete programs to their students as befits the institution's needs.

Benefits of partnering with Redding College:

Redding College will work with interested educational partners to develop new online courses and/or programs and completely maintain them for the school. We would work with either your professors or enlist our own to develop and create the online courses.

Redding College would agree to:

Courses and Programs available today:

To see the current portfolio of courses that could be made available today to your students click here.
To see the current programs that could be made available to your students today click here.

Learn A LivingTM Program
The Learn A Living ProgramTM enables a student to participate in a degreed learning program while also interning or working part-time with a business in the industry for which they are preparing. This program can be modified to fit a partner school's system and makes available another opportunity for the student to be successful. To learn more about how this program works click here.

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