Students at Redding College will usually participate in one course at a time. Each course runs for four weeks beginning on a Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a legal holiday) and essentially coincides with the calendar month. Students must take the courses required in order to receive the degree. (To see the courses associated with each degree, click here).

All students are required to first take SL101 Success Strategies for College Life. It is recommended that the general education courses be taken next, followed by the degree core courses and electives. Every course is offered twelve times each year so that a student can enroll in Redding College at any time and begin taking their first course usually not more than one month after enrollment.

Every course in the catalog is offered beginning on all of the following dates:




January 7

January 6

January 5

February 4

February 3

February 2

March 4

March 3

March 2

April 1

March 31

March 30

April 29

April 28

April 27

June 3

June 2

June 1

July 1

June 30

July 6

July 29

July 28

August 3

September 3

September 2

August 31

September 30

September 29

September 28

October 28

October 27

October 26

November 25

November 24

November 30

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