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Whether you are...
a professional who always wanted to get a degree,
someone looking to advance in your career,
embarking on a new career,
or going out into the workforce for the first time...


Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration and Management
Associate of Science Degree in Computer Programming and Problem Analysis
Associate of Science Degree in Hospitality and Casino Management

Complete your degree whenever and wherever you have Internet access by enrolling in one of our degree programs. These programs will offer you the opportunity to incorporate your developed skills and knowledge into a course of study designed to lead to a satisfying and rewarding career. These programs also offer the knowledge and skills you need as an Information Age worker who is just starting out or is seeking to broaden your opportunities in your current field.

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Learn A LivingTM PROGRAM
With the Learn A Living program you can participate in our online degree program with the possibility of interning and then being fully employed with a business in your career field. By partnering with businesses in your area, we will match your interests with a business and work with you as you work to reach your academic and career goals. Click here to find out more.

Dual Diploma PROGRAM
The dual diploma program may be right for you. By partnering with charter high schools throughout the country, Redding College provides the opportunity to earn a high school diploma at the same time you earn college credits. Click here to find out if you qualify.

Redding College Mission, Purpose, Credentials, and FAQs

Redding College Mission:
To be a world leader in the development and fostering of a liberating education for each member of the human race.

Redding College is committed to excellence in education. Our programs will uniquely prepare our students to critically consider issues which effect the quality of life for humankind. We will actively seek to move past preconceived notions and explore issues of importance while fostering joy, hope, and a strong desire for peace in our graduating students. Our students will be prepared to make a difference, value human freedom, and extend humanity into the future by considering now the threats to man's very existence across all disciplines. Redding College is committed to meeting the needs of every student to ensure they can reach their highest level of achievement, personal satisfaction, and professional stature.

Redding College is fully licensed by the state of Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education. Anyone anywhere in the world can participate in our programs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a virtual classroom? A virtual classroom provides an educational and training environment that is comparable to the traditional classroom. However, in a virtual classroom, students can learn at their own pace and have individualized instruction from their instructor.

Will students benefit from online courses? Yes, research supports this method. In a comparative study, online students learned better than classroom students. The classroom student test average was 81%, while the online student test average was 92%. The student learning online was also more consistent.

How is attendance and progress measured? In the traditional classroom we can know who is present, but it is difficult to know whether all the students are paying attention or learning. The Redding College virtual classrooms are password protected and Redding College can monitor the students access in the course along with their test scores. The instructor has the capability of publishing reports for students to determine their progress in their coursework.

Is financial aid available? Financial aid is available to most students enrolling in Redding College. To determine any aid that may be available you must contact the financial aid office by calling us or emailing

How is the instructor's role in the virtual classroom? In the traditional classroom there is one instructor and many students. In Redding College's virtual classroom there is a training design team and subject matter experts that focuses on delivering instruction to one student. Interaction between the instructor and the student can be very structured or less formal as the student desires.

What credits transfer into Redding College? Most college credits you received prior to enrolling in Redding College are transferable to Redding. Call us at 561-283-0355 or email us at Advisor for a review.

What is the tuition? Normally, Redding College tuition is set at $200.00 per credit hour. With the many programs Redding College has available, most students qualify for financial assistance that may cover most or all of the costs.

What is the program being offered? The Associate of Science degree in Business Administration and Management is designed to provide a broad foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for students seeking entry-level employment in various business fields, for those presently employed in business and desiring advancement, and for those who are looking to complete "finished business" by getting a degree they always desired. The degree consists of 21 hours of general education requirements, 30 hours of degree requirements, and 9 hours of business or related subject electives. Click here to see the Courses and Course Descriptions.

How do I get admitted into Redding College? Students can complete an application by going to the Application for Admission. We look forward to helping you reach your educational and professional goals.

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